Nonprofit Spotlight: Compassion That Compels


A few months ago, I was scrolling through my seemingly endless Facebook feed when I happened upon a post about the nonprofit, Compassion That Compels.

Already in the thick of my chemotherapy treatments and struggling with the side effects, I was sick and tired of it all. All of the pain and loss and illness and everything. I had become disheartened by the severity of the cancer as well as the loss of so much, even by that point in the treatment process.

So when I saw the post about this charity that wants to bring hope to women struggling with cancer, I had to click to find out more. After reading the simple and yet powerful mission of the ministry–“to reach every woman battling cancer with a Compassion Bag, reminding them they are never alone”–I decided to request a bag.

These bags are beautiful totes, packed full of inspirational goodies for cancer patients. From the Jesus Calling devotional to the lovely plush blanket, each item is a wonderful reminder that there are people who care, no matter how dark the fight against cancer might get. And that we are beautiful to God, despite what may be currently happening to our bodies.

I was fortunate that someone sponsored my bag, but there are many other women who are still waiting for a Compassion Bag of their own. If you can spare any amount, please consider making a donation to Compassion That Compels.

They are truly bringing hope and love to cancer patients through their caring ministry. Please help them reach others like me and spread hope throughout the cancer community.

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